Quality Construction Services in Texas

transportation, industrial, energy and commercial construction texas

We are proud to serve public and private projects throughout the State of Texas. Major markets served include transportation, industrial, energy and commercial. JB Pinnacle is a certified State of Texas DBE/SBE firm and is trained and equipped to undertake a wide range of construction projects.

transportation construction services texas


At JB Pinnacle, we understand that smooth, well-built roads are critical for the Texas economy and the wellbeing of its residents. We are proud to serve the transportation industry by constructing rural and urban roads, highways, toll roads, ramps and bridges. Our team of trusted experts has the experience, tools and heavy machinery required to build a smooth, well-graded road that will stand up to the elements and heavy traffic for years to come.

Whether you need a rural road constructed or a downtown bridge replaced, the professionals at JB Pinnacle will work with you to get the job done.

industrial construction services texas


JB Pinnacle performs anchor bolt down services for all your industrial construction needs. From clear and grub through excavation and concrete foundations, you can count on JB Pinnacle to provide you with impeccable work at a fair price. We work with federal, state and local authorities to ensure that all of our projects meets or exceed all appropriate codes and regulations.

oil & gas construction services texas

Oil & Gas

We are proud to serve Texas’ important oil and natural gas industry. JB Pinnacle provides construction services for pipelines, terminals and natural gas compressor stations throughout Texas. We understand the safety and precision required when creating structures that will transport and store volatile natural resources.

commercial construction services texas


At JB Pinnacle, we excel at getting your commercial site ready for business. Our team works quickly and efficiently to prepare your site for construction. Whether you need clear and grub services, drainage, concrete foundations or concrete flatwork, we will delve into the details to ensure that your project is properly sequenced and staged so that construction flows smoothly throughout the project.